Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy new Year

So it's been awhile....
Josh turned 7,  we had a great Christmas vacation even if there was no snow,  Sydney started ski club, Josh started basketball, Emily got a Fitbit for Christmas, and is always trying to be me on contests, I am going to physical therapy first for my shoulder now for my foot & leg,  Karl's plant is closing next January, and we don't know what we will be doing after that, so.. Bam,  up to date, more or less!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bryce Canyon

We went to Vegas by way of Bryce Canyon.  Fun fact, the area in front of the canyon was the home of a settler named Ebenezer Bryce.  He is said to have said in reference to the canyon that "it was a hell of a place to lose a cow." Because it was more of less in his backyard,  it became known as Bryce's Canyon.
Nearly everyone we passed on the trail spoke a different language proving to the kids that other people than their crazy parents think this stuff is cool and worth seeing, not just "rocks, rocks, and more rocks, with some trees" sigh. They are such barbarians. We tried. 
We went on a short hike down into a canyon on the Navajo Trail which was only about a mile or so each way,  but wow, windy steep trail.  The hoodoo's were really beautiful! 

Salt Lake City Day 2

Today we toured around Temple Square in the morning.  We went into the conference center,  

the north temple visitors center, and the Joseph Smith Memorial building, which is where Karl's mom works.  We got to tour her floor and meet a few of her coworkers. 

Salt Lake City

We spent our first day in Salt Lake at This is the Place heritage park,  kind of like a mormon Williamsburg, but a bit smaller.  We could have seen so much more but we ran out of time!  We started with Brigham Youngs pink forest home.
This was next to the trunk room,(aka old fashioned closet)  and loom room/dance hall where they made fabric.  Yikes.  Glad I have a fabric store, but period costumes make me squeal with delight! 

We did learn why they say it will cost you and arm and a leg, cause portrait painters charged per limb, and why you need to min your p's and q's, typesetting is a tough job.

The kids got to try a few crafts, pan for gold, and stamp leather. They also rode tiny trains. 
 Karl fell asleep whiles the kids were panning for gold.
We also got to go with friends from Syracuae who moved to Utah.
Pony express monument from the 2002 Olympics,  did you know it took riders 10 days to ride across the country at a gallop,  or that the pony express only lasted about 18 months? Yah, me neither.

Utah- Day 1 Arches National Park

We spent the night in Moab, Ut.  We went first to the Museum of Moab and saw dinosaurs, fossils, mining info of the area, an insane diorama made with tiny Layers of wood, Nativie American artifacts, and pioneer history.

After we left the museum we headed up to Arches National Park.  We were worried about the upcoming storm so most of the park had to be viewed by the car/driving loop.  We did get a few short hikes to see the Balanced Rock, and the North Windows.
After Arches we drove to Prpvo to see the temple and BYU, stopped at the creamery, and went to Salt Lake City.

Colorado National Monument

We left Denver later than we planned, but we made it to the scenic Monument Road before the sun completely set for the day.

The view was spectacular as we drove the 30 odd miles through the canyon area.  We didn't get to see a Big Horn Sheep despite the sheep crossing sign, but we found a prickly pear cactus with bunny dining upon said cactus, ouch,  and a tiny little lizard! The trees were knurled an fascinating and the dirt was red and soft. We even saw insane bikers going up the 1000ft elevation. 
Just don't look to the right as you drive on some of the hairpin turns as you go on the edge!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Day #1 wedding

We had an amazing Saturday!  The wedding was beautiful, couple was so happy and cute, reception was yummy and lots of fun! Super tired from the late arrival and car fiasco, but so happy we were able to come.  Emily caught the bouquet. Yikes.  But she shared all the flowers with all the other little girls.  The kids loved the soft serve ice cream bar at the reception, especially because it was slightly tucked out of the view of any parents who might say silly things like no thirds!  Cousins galore at the Johansons house!